Here is a list of some of the resources that I have developed throughout my experience in the best profession imaginable! I hope that you can use these to enhance your teaching and learning experiences in your classrooms. These links are connected to my google drive and will be updated as I update and reflect on them.

As I am on my journey, I will be continuously adding to this list with some reviews and links so that you can access them as well! All of these I have used in some way, shape, and form and has benefited me in my teaching and creating an engaging learning environment.

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Teacher Pay Teachers: Tincan Physical Education

Just click on the link to access my Teacher Pay Teachers store! There are resources to help bring purpose to your Physical Education and Athletics program!

Connected PE: Professional Development for the 21st Century Physical Educator

If you are an international teacher and looking for some AMAZING professional development opportunities, this is your one-stop shop. This is operated by none other than the legendary PE Geek Jarrod Robinson and can be found on twitter @ConnectedPE. Inside this site, you can find some great webinars that cover everything from the day to day practice of quality Physical Education. You may also find a few webinars and podcasts that I have done as well!

The price of the membership is nothing compared to the quality PD you can access all at your fingertips!

Fitness Games Zone: Bottoms Up Fitness

This is a great resource site that has been developed by my good friend Dale Sidebottom from Australia. This place is a great one-stop-shop for fitness engagement ideas that can be used in the classroom or in a personal training set up. It’s a steal for only $99/year!!!

Click here to get a preview and set up your account today!