Creating Learning and Excellence

Our Mission

Teaching is a demanding profession. Planning, extracurricular responsibilities and increasing expectations make it difficult to develop the skills needed to be an exemplary 21st century educator.

At Tin Can Physical Education we strive to create meaningful resources that can enhance the professional capacities of others that will give teachers that professional edge. Through resource development and professional development we can help you increase the level of instruction, engagement and learning in any classroom.

We pride ourselves in helping others become the professional that can create a meaningful and memorable experience for their students.

The Journey

  • 2006: Graduate from the University of Alberta Bachelor of Secondary Education Program.

  • 2006: Get’s first teaching Physical Education with violent high-risk youth.

  • 2007-2015: Teaching and coaching in Junior/Senior High Schools in Alberta Canada.

  • 2010-2012: School Board offers Instructional Coach Training.

  • 2010: Present first Professional Development session on Assessment in PE. It was terrifying!

  • 2011-2013: Complete Masters of Recreation and Sport Science from Ohio University.

  • 2012: Regional Representative for the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta and develop learning opportunities and workshops.

  • 2014: Elected Vice President of Pedagogy and Curriculum Development for the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta.

  • 2015: Start international teaching experience at an IB American School in Dubai.

  • 2016: Tin Can Physical Education is created!

  • 2016: Begin developing webinars and PD content for ConnectedPE, Energetic Education,, SHAPE and more!

  • 2016: Begin presenting live workshops in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

  • 2019: Move to a Canadian school in Macao, SAR.

  • 2020: Become member of PHE Canadas Mentorship program.

What do we offer?

Quality Resource Development

Expectations are high and so are the responsibilities of educators today. Take a look at some of our resources and see what you could start using in your classroom today and bring your students high quality learning and engagement.

Instructional Coaching and Consulting

Many educators are expected to grow and learn, sometimes with limited resources or opportunities. Why settle for professional development that is not built to fit your needs as a professional? We offer tailor made professional development solutions for you and your team.

Professional Development

Sometimes, we just need to access some learning on our own time. It could be over a cup of coffee or during a meeting, but having access to high quality professional development resources is key! Take a look through our PD library and access materials that suit your needs.


Jace’s instructional coaching was a game changer for my teaching. He is very skilled at identifying things that will help you grow as a teacher and working with you every step of the way. If you are trying to take your teaching to the next level, I highly recommend working with Jace. 

― Tyrone, Phnom Penh

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