About Me

Tin Can Physical Education is inspired by the idea of creating content and sharing ideas that inspire quality educational practices. These practices are not limited to the Physical Education environment but could apply to the entire school community. It’s not the label on the outside that people are interested in but what is inside and how it can be used.

The blog is written and organized by Jace Ferguson. Since receiving my Bachelor of Secondary Education from the University of Alberta in 2006, I have sought challenges that would continually push me outside of my comfort zone. This involved teaching Physical Education to violent high-risk youth as my first job, to being an athletic director/physical educator in rural schools in Alberta, pursuing my Masters of Science in Recreation and Sport Science from Ohio University in 2013, becoming the VP of Pedagogy and Curriculum Development for the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta, and most recently to seeking out adventures in the international teaching world with my lovely wife (who is a English specialist and is currently assessing my writing skills) and our beautiful baby girl . Each of these new challenges helped me step outside of my comfort zone, to become a better person and educator for my students and the staff that I have the privilege of working with. To see my professional portfolio, just click here!

Throughout this journey, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals through facilitating professional development opportunities throughout Alberta and recently internationally in Dubai and through various webinars: Here are a few of my previous professional development sessions:

  • December 2016: ConnectedPE Webinar- “Connecting Long Term Athlete Development to your Physical Education Program”
  • October 2016: ConnectedPE Conference Dubai, UAE- “Making Assessment Real in Physical Education”, “Connecting Long Term Athlete Development to your Physical Education Program
  • August 2016: #PhysEdSummit2016 Online Conference- “Assessment Fixes in Physical Education” Webinar
  • January-December 2016: UAS Curriculum Council Co-Chair- Assessment Review and Evaluation Professional Development Sessions
  • May 2015: HPEC/PHE National Conference-Inquiry Through Cooperative Games
  • March 2015: MPTC Teacher Convention– “TGfU-Progressive Cooperative Games”, “I Have to Teach Dance?!”, “Physical Education Program and Assessment Planning
  • February 2015: Shaping the Future Wellness Conference– “Building a Comprehensive School Health Culture
  • February 2015: University of Alberta Pre-Service Teacher Guest Speaker– “Building a School Culture”, “Fitting Physical Literacy into Your Program
  • May 2014: HPEC Convention– “RR Buffet- Games to Use Tomorrow
  • March 2014: MPTC Teacher ConventionGames of Organized Chaos”, “Developing Fundamental Volleyball Skills in Your PE Class
  • March 2013: MPTC Teacher Convention– “Cooperative Games to Get Your Students Moving”, “Assessment Practices in Physical Education

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