What is Your Purpose: Robert McLeod


Rob is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador with 6 Guinness World Records and 10 World Championships! He is frequently asked to come into schools to speak to students and run frisbee workshops. This year he will be on the panel at the YYC Fit and will be presenting at the Alberta HPEC/GEOC conference coming in May!

Rob has also created a challenge called Unplugg’d (http:www.unpluggd.ca) to inspire kids to spend less time in front of their screens and more time with friends and family playing and moving (kind of how we use to play back in the day…). You should definitely take a look at his site!


Take a look at Rob in action here!

Why I Do What I Do?
“I have been teaching kids since I was 10 years old – 24 years now. What started as figure skating then became golf, soccer, hockey, swimming and now frisbee. I am a literacy champion and my main focus is on character education through emotional, physical and digital literacy. I see too many people saying what kids shouldn’t do rather than saying what they can do instead.”
“I love to connect with kids. I love learning more about what is happening and incorporating data into my speaking. I have an engineering and entrepreneurial mind so everything I do is about problem solving, finding a niche, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and surrounding myself with people who are similar to me. I love to connect people who I believe will add value to each other’s lives and I love seeing the impact that my work has on kids.”
What Motivates Me to Do What I Do?
“My main motivation comes from knowing that there is so much potential with my messages to have an impact on kids. I feel as though a torch has been passed to me by my mentors and friends and it’s my duty to ensure that I work hard to make sure I fulfill my destiny. I feel strongly that I’m on the path I’m meant to be on or I’m at least getting closer and closer to being on that path. I try to be open to opportunities, I work hard to create and I do my best to be aware of signs the universe gives me. Sometimes it can be small things; other times it’s much bigger. The more I learn, the more I grow and the more I create, the more clear things become and start to unfold in front of my eyes. Learning how to look past the fads, the marketing and the misconceptions has enabled me to get to the core of what matters, what works and what will have an impact.”

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